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I work in a branch of a well known sandwich shop in a pretty small town. I’m working on the 4th of July with one other coworker, and we’re pretty dead. I had just finished helping a very nice older couple, and another older couple walks into the store.
Me- “Hi, welcome to Name of Store!”
They start ordering, and ask for double meat and cheese on their subs. I, as per usual, tell them that this will be an extra charge. They don’t seem to care, so I keep making the sandwiches. We get to the register, and stuff goes wrong.
Older Man- “What’s the extra 30 cents?”
Coworker- That’s for the extra cheese, sir!”
Older Man- So you’re not gonna charge me for all these salads and s**t, but it’s extra for more cheese?!! No! Keep the sandwich! And you can shove it up your a**! *Storms out of store with his wife.*

I never saw him again. I’m sure my co worker would have taken the charge off if the guy had given him time!

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