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Me to customer: How can I help you?
Customer (holding small part in his hand): I need a part for my portable air conditioner.
Me: I’m sorry, sir, we sell the air conditioners but not parts for them.
Customers (agitated): I looked on your website and it says you sell them.
Me: Are you sure they aren’t an online only item?
Customer: No! It says I can get them in store.
Me: Okay. I’ve never seen parts but I can take a look online. (I’m only humoring him. I’ve work there for nearly 6 years. We don’t sell parts for ACs in store.)
Customer (irritated): Never mind then.
Me (as I head over to my computer): No, it’s okay. I can take a look (I say as sweetly as possible.)
Me: (I sit down at my computer and start getting into the website) So what was the name of the part?
My coworker: He’s gone.
Customers nearby: He just walked out.
Me: What?
Coworker: He got mad and said never mind and walked out. He just walked out the doors now.
Me: What the heck?
(He must’ve been super quick too since the doors were quite a ways away and I’d only just sat down.)

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