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(I work at a history museum focusing on one particular Navy ship. The ship itself is run by Navy sailors. Though I understand why visitors would assume that the museum and the ship are the same organization, we in fact are not. One day an angry visitor storms up to the front desk of the museum).

Angry Visitor: EXCUSE ME. The sailor outside said that the ship is two hundred and nineteen years old. Why on earth would he say that? The ship was launched in 1797 and it is 2017. She is two hundred and twenty!

Me: The ship was launched in October of 1797, so we consider that to be her birthday. She will be turning two hundred and twenty this year but not for a few more months.

Angry Visitor: That is RIDICULOUS. A few months is close enough and the sailors should say two hundred and twenty. I want the name of that sailor who gave my tour! I need to make a complaint!

(After this conversation went around in circles for a couple of minutes, I directed him back to the ship. I have no way of knowing what sailor he talked to, but I have a strong suspicion that the Navy has more important things to worry about than their sailors providing *accurate* information. The best part? The angry visitor was wearing a button that said, “tour guide.”)