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The store that I worked at had almost a completely new staff. I trained all of them and as such they deferred to me for difficult customers. I was slightly overprotective of them. The amount of times they called me up front to help with some awful customer who was giving them a hard time was ridiculous but I have to say my favourite was an older man who threw a full-blown toddler hissy-fit.
Coworker = CW. ME. Old fart = OF.
CW pages me to the front. I can tell by the page that he’s stressed and even before I round the end of the isle to get to the cashes I can hear this loud whining and huffing in the middle of the crowded store. OF is standing at the till huffing and has his arms crossed, glaring down my CW and a weekend local newspaper on the counter.
ME: Hi, how can I help?
OF: (surely and loud) Do you know how much a paper costs?
ME: (after glancing at the monitor to look at the price) $6.85
OF: Exactly! Last month it was $5! Last week it was $6! And! Now it’s $7!
ME: Yes. This is also the weekend edition so it’s more expensive.
OF: I don’t care! It shouldn’t be this much! I refuse to pay $7 for a newspaper! (At this point he’s stomping his foot repeatedly and most of the store is watching us)
ME: Okay.
(Long extended pause where his face gets redder and redder, waving his fists around in circles. The store is almost quiet despite being super busy)
ME: We don’t control the price of the paper.
OF: So you’re not going to do anything for me?
ME: No.
OF: I am not paying $7 for a newspaper! F*** that! Keep your sh*** paper! I’ll find it cheaper somewhere else!
(Customer storms out of the store)
ME: Okay. Have a nice day.

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