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I work at the front desk at a hotel. On the weekends, we generally get a lot of wedding parties staying with us, as we are the closest hotel for many venues in the area.
Me: Thank you for calling (Hotel), this is (my name), how can I help you?
Guest: Hi, where is your hotel?
Me: The address is (address). Do you need directions from where you are?
Guest: Yes, I’m at the ceremony now, when I leave here, do I go left or right?
Me: Where is the wedding?
Guest: I’m at the wedding now.
Me: What venue is the wedding at?
Guest: I’m at the ceremony.
Me: Do you know what the name of the venue is?
Guest: It’s (bride) and (groom)’s wedding?
Me (Trying to remain as polite as possible): What venue are you at? Do you know the name of it?
Guest (As if I should know): Its (VENUE)!
Me: *Facepalm*