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I had a lady call in to work a few years ago with a fire alarm blaring in the background. She’s telling me that she can’t reach the alarm because it’s mounted on a 12 ft ceiling and she’s a caregiver for an 84 year old lady and she’s probably going to have to take her elsewhere for the day. So I start taking down her information (she wasn’t already a customer but we provide service for non-customers anyway), and I don’t recognize her address off the bet but I thought ‘Maybe it’s in one of those gated communities that I’ve never been to.’ Then she gives me her phone number with a Northern California area code. I’m thinking ‘Okay, so they moved to Vegas and don’t want to switch their number, I did that too.’ Then I ask for the zip code. [Northern California zip code]. I hesitantly ask “What city is that … ?” She replies “Carmichael. Outside of Sacramento. I found you in the phone book!” I had to explain to her that we don’t do tech service in Sacramento, closest tech we have to her is in Reno!

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