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, | Unfiltered | December 31, 2020

Customer: I need a water filter for my *brand* fridge
Me: Okay, which filter do you need? (*brand* has 8 options based on model)
Customer: I don’t know
Me: What model is your fridge?
Customer: I don’t know
Me: … Did you buy it here so I could look it up?
Customer: Nope.
Me: … Okay, is it a french door, side-by-side or top freezer?
Customer: French.
Me: okay, is your filter located inside your fridge at the top right or on the outside on the bottom grate?
Customer: I don’t know.
Me: *thinking “Come on give me something to work with”*
Customer: But it looks like this one *points at the side-by-side because it has the water dispenser on the outside*
Me: Okay, but it’s a french door model, so it is one of these options instead, as this is just to determine door orientation, not where the water comes from.
Customer: well where would I find the filter?
Me: In one of these two locations (again)… How about go home and check and then come back