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(I’m in line in the pharmacy waiting for my prescription, there’s an elder gentleman in front of me and behind me. The pharmacist is at the counter with a new trainee. All of a sudden an old lady at the front of the store faints)

Pharmacist to trainee: “I’m going to help but don’t give this medication out till I get back Because I haven’t signed it yet”
(Pharmacist goes to the front to assist the old lady and another worker whilst paging for the manager)
Elder man in front to trainee “that’s mine. Give that to me”
Trainee “I’m really sorry sir but the pharmacist is just helping another customer and I can’t give it out till he’s signed it”
Elder man: “can’t YOU sign it?”
Trainee: “unfortunately I can’t because im training and it’s only my first day, but I can ring your other goods up while you wait (indicates to his basket)
Elder man: “but I’ve been waiting ages and this is ridiculous (strictly speaking this is not true he went in the store in front of me and we’ve only been here less than 5 minutes) Where’s your manager?”
Trainee ” the manager is up the front with the other customer. The pharmacist shouldn’t be long back now she’s arrived”
Elder man: “this is ridiculous. I’m a customer too”
(Trainee looks close to tears and I can’t take his behaviour anymore. We can all see the sick customer at the front as it’s a small store)
Me ” she’s just given you a perfectly reasonable excuse why she can’t give you the medication and you can see why the pharmacist and other staff are busy. You need to stop being rude to her”
Elder man: humph
(Pharmacist returns and deals with grumpy elder man and he shuffles off)
Elder man 2 behind me taps me on the shoulder “good girl
Me to trainee ” you didn’t deserve that and he was being rude and aggressive”
Trainee as she finishes serving me “thank you”
Me ” no problem I used to work in retail and know what some customers are like”
(As I leave elder man 1 was moaning at the manager whilst the lady has regain consciousness and is being attended to by the manager. The old lady’s husband looks shocked at elder man 1)
Old lady husband” but my wife fainted”