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I work for a not-so-common fast food chain in the south. Our menu is a bit confusing. We have a chicken salad, and a chicken salad salad (a salad with chicken salad on top). It causes a lot of confusion, but people love to be overboard. I had an older gentleman come in and order the chicken salad. He ignored me as i read back the order and paid. He was visibly angry when he got his food.
Him: [storms up to counter] what the **** is this ****
Me: thats… The chicken salad
Him: i didn’t order this. You gave me the wrong thing. Look. [Pushes receipt into my face]
Me: sir, this says chicken salad as well, and when i read it back you said it was okay
Him: i wanted the ****ing salad! Not whatever this **** is!
Me: so.. You wanted the chicken salad salad?
Him: i guess!
Me: …..
Him: how much do i have to pay?
Me: [price]
Him: [muttering while begrudgingly paying] i should get it free since you idiots cant do your job.

Sadly this isn’t uncommon at all