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(A little backstory, my office building I work in has two offices on the main floor. My office is for housing management and the other is an Insurance company. My mother works at the insurance so I know everyone there well and at times we get their customers that are new or lost.)

Customer: “Hello I am looking for [Insurance Agent]”

Me: “Oh you must be looking for [Insurance Company] it is right across the hall.”

Customer: “No… Her office is right there.” *Points to Co-worker’s office.*”

Me: “Oh are you looking for [Co-Worker’s Name]?”

Him: “No that’s not it.”

Me: “Let me name a few names and see if that helps, (I start to name everyone in the Insurance office)”

Him: ” *Getting agitated* I don’t know I am just looking to talk about my insurance!”

Me: “Well sir, that is right across the hall.”

Customer: “Oh…. Maybe it would of helped if I read the sign.”

Me: *Internal facepalm*

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