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(A customer walks in and begins looking at the pastries. At this time of night, we were out of the most popular bagel we sell)
Customer: Wow, you guys are out of [Popular Bagel]? How did that happen?
Me: Well ma’am, we had a busy day and the day bakers couldn’t keep up.
Customer: *harrumphs* Well I’ll just look over at the pastries then.
(About a minute later)
Customer: What do you think about this muffin?
Me: Well they’re very good and quite popular.
Customer: Okay, I’ll take one.
(We go over to the register)
Me: Ma’am, is that going to be all for you today?
Customer: *staring at bagels* I’m so upset you didn’t have [Popular Bagel]. Tell me, are the blueberry bagels good? What do they taste like?
Me: ….Well, ma’am, they’re made with plain bagel dough with blueberries mixed in.
Customer: Yes, but what do they TASTE like?
Me: Um… blueberries?
Customer: Oh I don’t know…. What about the chocolate chip bagels? What do they taste like?
Me: Chocolate?
Customer: Hmm… *finally orders a bagel and cream cheese*

(My manager came over at this point because he thought she had ordered a lot of food and I would need help. She took 15 minutes to decide)