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I work at a small cafe in Manchester, right next to Piccadilly, this means we see a lot of foreign customers, who come form Manchester airport.

To this day I’m not sure if the guy was completely brain dead or if the compulsion was to great, anyway….

An american comes up to the counter and orders a coffee, he pays for it with a £5 note, when I give him the change he complains that he paid with a £10 note, the old bait and switch routine.

However this is Britain where all the bank notes are different sizes and get bigger as they increase in value, so its quite obvious the value of the note when you hold it.

But far more importantly this happened in January 2017, which meant that the new polymer £5 notes where around, and he had paid with one, and the polymer bank notes have a very plasticy feel to them, it would be impossible for any one, even someone who had only just got the two kinds of notes to mix them up. I explained this to him politely and pointed out what he was trying to do.

He got angry and demanded to see my manager, so I got him and tried explaining the situation but the customer kept interrupting, and by this point there was quite a queue behind him, so my manager gave him the £5 he had wanted.

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