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I used to work for Disney World and being bilingual, I wore a name tag that would display certain languages I could speak. Spanish and English.
My family decides to come see me for a week and I take the entire week off of course to be with them. On the first day of their vacation, we go to to one of the parks. I’m walking down the streets talking to my family, when all of the sudden, a random man approaches me and begins jabbering away at me in rapid Spanish.
Guest: Do you know where the fast past kiosk is? I’ve been looking everywhere! and nobody can help me!
Me: yes, it’s behind the walls *points towards it* if you need any further assistance, a cast member can help you. Or find someone who can.
Guest: thank you. *walks off*
Mom: so, how did they know that you can speak Spanish AND work here?
Me: I-…I have no idea.

I double checked to make sure I wasn’t wearing my name tag by mistake, despite being in regular clothes, and I have no Hispanic features. The funny part is, every time I went to the parks at my own leisure, I’d get stopped regularly by people asking for help. And not just at Disney, but at Universal Studios as well. Not that I minded. My Disney friends and I decided that we all just have a certain look on our off time, and people just pick up on it and assume we know what we’re doing.

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