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I work at an auto body shop. This call comes in Wednesday mid-day:
Customer: Hello, my name is [last name #1]. I dropped off my silver Toyota Camry on Friday afternoon. I was just calling for an update since I havent received one.
Me: Ok, could it be under any other names or last name? (knowing very well we do not have a Camry and pretty sure no-one under her name, but maybe I heard wrong)
Customer: No theres no other names, just me. Its a Camry.
Me: Ok maybe you called the wrong shop. There are 2 others in the distant area that have very similar names and a bunch of other shops in the area.
Customer: No it was definitely with you. Im 100% sure I left it there. [confirms shop name and address]
This goes on back and forth for a bit, trying to confirm information and her insisting the car is here. Shes now getting a bit irritated thinking that we lost her car. Finally…..
Customer: well my husbands name is [last name #2], but the car is in my name so theres no way he would be on it.
Sure enough theres a Toyota Corolla with last name #2.
Me: by any chance is your insurance and the claim under your husbands name? and was he the one who dropped off the car?