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, | Unfiltered | December 30, 2020

I work at a radiology centre as a receptionist. On a busy day among many patients a father a daughter come up to me after having an X-Ray done. I have a call on hold and was still finishing up paperwork on another patient.

ME: ‘All done are we? Great! Now you’re just waiting for the hard copy films. The pictures.’ I make a rectangle shape with my hands as I talk. This is automatic for me to say and do.

They sit down and I patter off finishing the paperwork and take the call. Ten minutes later I notice they’re still waiting, which is odd because hard copy’s only take a minute or get them before they even reach me. The father comes back up to me looking slightly irate.

FATHER: ‘What are we waiting for again?’

I see in his hands the envelope containing the hard copy pictures and don’t hesitate with my response.

ME: ‘Oh you have your pictures now? Great! You’re free to go!’

He tsks then hurries his daughter out. My suspicion, he had the hard copy before he saw me and didn’t realize. Genius wasted his own time, don’t tsk at me!