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I used to work as a doorman for a large, well-known rock venue in the city centre. We had a good team, and there was usually very little trouble, but we took pride in providing a safe place for people to have fun in without being obnoxious.

On the evening in question, a band I didn’t know were playing. I was checking passes at a door that led backstage, and as you might imagine, fans always want to go backstage to meet their idols, so the rules are pretty strict; if you don’t have a pass, you’re not going backstage. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts.

About an hour before the show starts, a guy approaches the door I’m at.

Me: Pass, please.

Customer: I don’t have it. I must have left it backstage. Lemme through!

Me: I’m sorry, if you don’t have your pass on you, I can’t let you past.

Customer: F*** off! I left it backstage. Get out of my way!

At this point, the customer tries to push past me. I’m not a tall guy, but I’m broad, strong and used to dealing with drunken idiots. I put my hand on the guy’s chest and gently push him back.

Me: I’m sorry. No pass, no entry.

The customer now starts on a rant, shouting and swearing, telling me he’ll have my job, and how much he makes compared to me, how I’m fat and too stupid to do anything but guard a door. I’m trained to be calm in situations like these, but the attitude of this guy is getting on my nerves. After a couple of minutes of this, he seems to run out of ideas.

Me: Are you done? Look. If you can go and find someone with an Access All Areas pass, they can vouch for you and I can let you through. Until then, you’re not going backstage.

At this, he flounces off to find someone with a pass. He returns a few minutes later with a person I recognise from the security briefing, the band’s manager.

Manager: What is going on? *Customer* is saying that you threatened him, and you won’t let him backstage?

I explain the situation, noting that I don’t know who the band is or what they look like, and that for security reasons you can’t get backstage without a pass. Whilst this is happening, *Customer* is sneering at me over the manager’s shoulder.

Me: …so, as you’ve got an Access All Areas pass, you can vouch for him and I can let him past.

Manager: Oh. Well, that’s OK then.

The Customer smarms past me.

Me: *To Customer* Remember to wear your pass, and we can avoid this in future.

Customer: F*** YOU!

Once he’s gone, I explain what the customer was like, and I can see the look the manager’s eyes.

Manager: I’m so sorry about him. He’s been showing off like this since we started the tour. He’s not normally like this.

Me: No worries. He is an idiot though. How long have you got left of the tour?

Manager: We’ve only just started! We’ve got 16 weeks to go!

Me: I’d suggest taking him aside and explaining that not every place is as nice as us. If he tries that in the wrong place he’s not always going to get such a calm response.

Manager: Will do. Thanks for not knocking him on his ass.

*I saw that the band played Glastonbury festival this year, so I guess the guy either mellowed out, or the manager drilled some sense into him!*

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