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I am a brunette, with green/blue eyes, and I am 5 ft 9. I am with a customer when another customer comes up behind me and starts screaming at me, how I sold her the wrong product. I look at it and pick it up.

Me: We don’t sell this here. This is from (Competitor Store).

Customer: You F*****g -mean slur-. Don’t you dare lie to me!

Me: Um… hold on (Customer I was with)

-The customer with the product and glares at me, before continuing yelling at me once again-

Customer: I want to get a refund!!

Me: I can’t refund something not from our store.

Me: I-

Customer: You know what!? I don’t have time dealing with prostitutes like you, get me your manager!

-I call my manager, who is an aisle away from me, and I explain the situation, in the mean time she starts throwing things off the shelves-

Manager: Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the store, before I call security!

Customer: They should come! To get rid of you, for not giving me a refund!

-Customer proceeds to start throwing packages of nails at me and my manager-

Me: Ow!!

-At this point security comes, and grabs her and drags her out, but not without her yelling and calling us slurs-

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