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(Part of my job as a cashier at a popular clothing store was to offer the store branded credit card to every customer who didn’t already have one. It was tough to get people to bite, especially at the time this happened – during the recession – but one day I’m lucky enough to get a woman who is actually quite enthusiastic about the prospect of having a store card. We begin filling out the electronic application, and she inputs all the necessary information for a credit check – name, annual income, social security number, etc. But then we get to contact information – address, phone number, e-mail – and she stops.)

Customer: What do you need my phone number for?

Me: Oh, it’s not for us at the store to use. It’s just so they have a contact number on file for you at corporate in case there’s ever a need to contact you about your card.

Customer: I really don’t want to give my phone number out.

Me: Well, it is required as part of the application. If you’re uncomfortable, I promise you, we don’t call you with offers or anything like that. It’s really only in case any issue should arise with your account.

Customer: *very hesitant* I just really don’t want telemarketers calling all the time.

Me: They won’t. [Store name] doesn’t solicit any of your information. That’s even in the terms for the application. It’s purely to have a point of contact with you if they need to reach you in case there’s a billing issue or suspected fraud, or something like that.

Customer: *takes a long pause* I’m sorry. I’m just really not comfortable giving out my phone number. Can you cancel the application?

(I did so. I understood her concerns, to a point, but did she really believe I was lying, several times, about not giving her information out? It’s also ironic she’s comfortable typing her full social security number in but not her phone number.)

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