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(The Supermarket I work at recently showed all the the colleagues a new video about our new “fast policy”. Rather than make a customer wait ages for us to double check a price, we can just adjust the price to the lower amount for them straight away, in order to keep their loyalty. This is only for differences of up to £2 though. Any higher, and we still have to check. A customer comes up to the Customer Service Desk with 2 receipts. It should be noted that she is well dressed with an expensive handbag, and does not look like she worries too much about money)

Me: Hi. How can I help?

Customer: I’ve been overcharged not only today, but last week as well for the same item! This pasta pot is supposed to be 2 for £2.50, but I’ve been charged £1.75 for each pot. The deal hasn’t worked!

Me: Oh, I’m sorry about that. If I could just have your receipts, I can refund you the difference.

(It’s only £2, so per the new policy, I agree to the refund without going to check)

Customer: Well it’s ridiculous! It’s false advertising and illegal!

(She continues to rant about how annoying it is and how, while it isn’t personally my fault, how nobody could catch the mistake. I stay silent as I process the refund, as I’ve found staying silent and apologising the once usually means they run out of steam)

Me: Ok. Well here’s the difference back. And I’ll make sure the price label is fixed. Thankyou and have a good day.

(I can tell she wants to say more, but decides against it and walks away with her refund. I call the Section leader for the department that deals with pricing and ask him to update the Pricing label. 10 minutes later he comes back over)

Section leader: You know how the pricing department sometimes makes it so that the most popular item isn’t part of the deal? Well she happened to pick up the one that isn’t 2 for £2.50, it’s full price!

(Me and another coworker who had been present when the lady had been ranting at me agree that she obviously couldn’t be bothered to read the price label properly and that if she came up again about it, we would go and show her she was wrong. While mistakes happen, and old pricing labels get left on the shelf when a deal has ended sometimes, there’s no need to have a go at an employee over £2!)

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