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So I work in a decently-sized ice cream chain that prepares ice cream in a similar way to how subway makes sandwiches. You can either choose a flavor and toppings, which is a create your own, or you can choose a premade arrangement of an ice cream and toppings, called a signature.
I was working the evening shift on Sunday, which is one of our busier days, when I ended up ringing out a group consisting of an older lady, her friend, and two guys who I figured were her sons.
The older lady was the one paying for the ice cream, had a printed-out buy one get one for equal or less price free coupon from an online deal that the company was doing.
She was trying to buy four ice creams, and I ended up explaining to her that she could only use the coupon once, so she said that I could split the orders up between her and her friend and the two guys and use the coupon for the larger ice creams.
Now, I need a manager or a shift leader to delete anything off of the register, so I was left kind of on-the-spot, since we were busy and my shift leader was occupied.
Luckily, I realized that one of the smaller ice creams (a medium signature) actually cost more than one of the larger ones (a large create your own), and I was able to explain to the lady that she would actually be saving more by keeping the orders together.
The lady ended up understanding, because she had assumed that the larger ice cream would automatically be more expensive, and when she paid she left a rather nice tip.
One of the guys that was with her looked at me and mouthed something like ‘thank you’ twice, so I’m sure I saved him some trouble by handling the situation.