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As the “front counter” position in a fast food restaurant, my duties include attending to the dining room as well as handling customer orders. Often, this results in me having to abandon whatever it is that I’m doing to rush back behind the counter.

On this particular day, I’m interrupted by an elderly customer as I’m about to take out the trash, so I leave the roll of trash bags where I was – incidentally, on the counter next to the straws and napkins.

The customer ends up having a bit of an issue because the coupon he had intended to use was poorly worded, with many previous customers also not realizing exactly what they were buying with it. After the man receives his food, I turn to the manager to explain what the problem was… when the customer suddenly walks back in asking where his car keys went.

The manager asks me to help him look for them, so I step out and begin looking where the man had last been – which was back where the straws and napkins were. It’s then that I notice that the roll of trash bags is missing. I mention this to the man… and then I spot what appears to be a roll of white plastic stuffed in his pocket.

Apparently, he had absently pocketed the trash bags before leaving. I had to take another order after this, but given that he had disappeared afterward I assume his car keys has simply been pinned under the rolls.

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