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A guy walks in and buys a product. He was very happy with it.

About a month later he comes back with a buddy of his and looks into my face with a stern look, this buddy acting as some sort of backup. He says “do you remember me?” in a deeper tone. I looked at his face as to see if I did remember him but before I could say “yes I do” he immediately said “I want a refund, it isn’t good”. I inspected the product and everything looked good, I questioned him about what was wrong with it. He said he went into another store and the guy there said it was rubbish and he should get a refund and buy the same thing from another brand from him. I couldn’t believe how gullible this idiot was. I said to him there is nothing wrong with it. But he disagreed and wanted a refund. He had no proof of purchase and he didn’t bring the allen keys that the product came with. But I did remember him and said that I will have to give him less as a refund as he didn’t bring the allen keys, he agreed on this which I felt was surprising. He got his refund and left.

We put the product up for sale again as a used unit and was sold a few days later to a happy customer who bought extra accessories, so I basically made more money on that product when it was used!

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