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Not much of a story per say, but I work at a popular chain pharmacy in the non-pharmacy part of the store. We’re known for giving tons and tons of coupons, and about half of the customers who go through my register have at least one. The store policy used to be to take any coupon at any time even years after they’ve expired… until about a year ago, there was a chain-wide policy change to not take any expired coupons at all whatsoever.

Even after all this time, I get a customer at least once a day who tries to use an expired coupon and I have to tell them that our policy has changed. 75% of the time they complain about how it used to be different, they try to force me to take it, etc.

The most frustrated customers yell (often as they storm away from the register) that “YOU KNOW THAT’S ILLEGAL, RIGHT?”

I had heard someone, somewhere, at some point, comment on coupons not being allowed to expire in MA, where I work. I never fought a customer on that supposed law because I thought it could possibly be true, but I still didn’t have any control over it…….

Googled it today, finally. There’s no such law. There’s hardly ANY laws regarding the use of coupons. Like, not only is this not illegal in MA, it’s not illegal ANYWHERE in the US.

I have a feeling I still shouldn’t bother to fight people on that claim, though..

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