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It’s Memorial Day weekend, and several of my coworkers had a BBQ to celebrate. Unfortunately, they all end up with food poisoning, the day before our big Monday sale. One ends up hospitalized. Those of us who were working and missed the BBQ all pitch in to pick up the slack.

I open the store at 7am. We only have three people on staff, including my manager, and we all are on cash register with lengthy lines that never let up. At 2pm, one extra employee comes in. She opens another register and I close to take my break.

Shopper: You can’t just close! There’s a line!
Me: my coworkers will be glad to help you but I’ve been at work for seven hours and need a break.
Shopper: Bullshit! I want to speak to your manager!
My manager waves him over and I take my half hour break. When I return, there’s a similar commotion when my manger takes a break.

One of our coworkers has to leave to get her kids, leaving just three of us, still manning lengthy lines. I agree to stay late. It’s around 8 in the evening when I get an angry customer.

Customer: You shortchanged me a dollar! Where’s your manager!
My manager has to close her line while she handles this. The customer insists my till be audited, a lengthy procedure as we haven’t been able to get away to do a cash drop all day. This effectively shuts down both lines for twenty minutes. They discover my register is indeed off–by $1.02 after 12 hours of use.
Customer: See! I told you she shorted me! I hope you get fired! I can’t believe this store! Look at those lines! And the place is a mess! Why don’t you send someone out to clean up.

The place was a mess, and I stayed until 10 to help clean up. The customer wrote in a complaint about the dollar mix up, and thankfully my manager had my back!

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