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(I am working at a popular Canadian burger chain, when an elderly couple comes to my till.)

Customer: “What’s a Whiffy?”

Me: “A… pardon?”

Customer: “What’s a Whiffy?”

Me: “A Whiffy?”

Customer: “Yes, what is it?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I… I don’t know.”

Customer: “Well, you’re advertising it!”

Me: “Um, well, if a commercial came out, I wasn’t told about it.”

Customer: “You work here, you should know! Your sign says you’re giving out free Whiffies!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m not aware of an item called a Whiffy.”

(They order their meals, grumbling the entire time about how I don’t know what I’m talking about, and I should know what my restaurant serves. After they leave, I turn to my supervisor.)

Me: “Do you know anything about us serving Whiffies?”

Supervisor: “No… where did you hear about it?”

Me: “Well, a customer asked about it, and got angry that I didn’t know what it was, but apparently we’re giving them out for free.”

Supervisor: “Well, I’ve never heard of it.”

(She turns and starts to walk away, before pausing with a sudden moment of realization and turning back to me.)

Supervisor: “Oh! WIFI!”