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I work at a retail boutique for a show on the Strip; The last show of the night ends at 11, and we close at 11:30, more than enough time for customers instore to look around and purchase items, but we always get customers who leave to “avoid the rush” and turn up 10 minutes after we close. It was a particularly slow night and we were able to close at 11:20-25. A customer comes up to the gate and initiates one of the strangest conversations.

Customer: Excuse me. Are you guys closed?

Supervisor: Yes ma’am, we close at 11:30

Customer: *checks her phone* Well… it’s not 11:30 yet sooo can you let me in?

Supervisor: *flabbergasted* I, uh… sure?

Customer: *before my supervisor reaches the gate* Wait, do you guys have any shot glasses?

Supervisor: We have shooters, but no shot glasses. We’re out of them.

Customer: Well… since you guys are closed, can you just go into the back and get them?

Supervisor: *he’s starting to get agitated now* No. We don’t have shot glasses. We’re. Out.

Customer: Oh so you’re never getting them back.

Supervisor: Well, no, we should be getting a shipment at the end of the month and–

Customer: So never. Okay, have a great night!

I don’t think we’ve ever closed so fast to avoid anyone else coming up to the gate.