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(I work at an arcade and the customer in this story has a problem with our crane game. There are 2 of them side by side and take 2 tokens to start. She looks to be about 15 or so.)

Customer: The crane game took my tokens.
Me: Ok. I’ll be right over.
Me: Which one took your tokens?
Customer: The right one.
*I put the tokens in and it starts right away. So I open the game to see if anything is off and everything looks good*
Me: How many tokens did you put in?
Customer: 20.
Me: Why did you keep putting them in if the first two didn’t work?
Customer: Because I really wanted to play
Me: I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you, the game is working fine and there is no jam. The best I can do is give you 2 tokens back.
(Her mom has been watching the whole time)
Mom: Why aren’t you giving my daughter he tokens back?
Me: There’s no jam and the game is working fine. I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do.
Mom: I can’t believe you won’t believe my daughter. We are never coming here again!
(About 30 minutes later another person unrelated to the 2 before comes up saying the crane game isn’t working.)
Me: Which one took your tokens?
Customer 2: The left one.
*I put the tokens in and it is indeed jammed. I open it up and lo and behold, not only are Customer 2’s tokens in there, but so are Customer 1’s 20 tokens. Customer 1 and her mom are still there so I was able to give them their tokens back. However, true to her word, I have not seem them here since.*

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