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(I work for a financial software company in tech support for our customers. One day a colleague gets a call.)

Customer: “Hi, I can’t get this link to open”
Co-worker: “Ok, I can help you with that. Does the link say you have invoices to handle in software A or software B?”
Customer: “Yes, it’s this link and when I click it, I can’t get it to open”
Co-worker: “Ok, I’ll help you to sort it out, but I need to know what kind of link it is, does it say software A or software B?”
Customer: “It is about this property map”
Co-worker: “A property map?”
Customer: “Yes, I got this e-mail about a property where I’m about to build a house and there’s a link to the land distribution map, but the link doesn’t open”
Co-worker: “I’m so sorry to say, but you’ve got the wrong number now, we’re a financial software company and our tech support is meant for our customers. I really don’t know how to help you with that”
Customer: “I certainly called the right number, this number was given in the e-mail I got!”
Co-worker: “Are you absolutely sure, cause we’re not related to any property matters, we’re a financial software company”
Customer: “I am absolutely sure, I checked the number twice when dialling!”
Co-worker: “….. That sounds interesting. I’m so sorry, but I’m a bit confused right now. Would it be possible for you to send the e-mail to me, so I could check it?”
Customer: “Sure I can send it to you, if that helps to solve the matter”

(When the e-mail arrived, it certainly wasn’t related to any of our software and there actually were no telephone numbers in the e-mail, only contact information said: “If you have trouble opening the link, please contact [email]”. We were wondering with colleagues how he got to call us and so surely claimed he has the right number. We finally came to the conclusion that he googled “support” and our number came up first (we actually tested this and yes, our number came up first) and he then called us thinking we are the support for his issue.)

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