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I work for a Private Health Insurance company, answering the phone for people who want to get a quote. This is a conversation I have several times a day (after establishing which hospital cover is right for them).

Me: Great so with that cover we have what’s called the government standard waiting periods. Now because you already have private health insurance, any waiting periods you’ve already served with them you don’t have to do again. We will honour any waiting periods you’ve already served. The only way you would have a waiting period is if we cover you for something you’re not currently covered for and then you just have to wait for that specific service. Okay?

Customer: Sure

Me: Alright, so just in case we cover you for something new the standard waiting periods are [reads waiting periods].

Customer: Wait, what?! I’ve had health insurance for (x) years! Why should I have to wait again if I come to you?

Me: (Deep breath for patience)