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(I used to work in a call center for a phone company).

Me: Good evening, this is [My name] from [Company], how may I help you?
Customer: I am done with you guys! I already said I don’t want any ads, you are displaying unauthorized ads on my phone, and I want you to disable them right now!
Me: Can you please describe what’s happening, sir?
Customer: Whenever I’m playing [Random game] from Play Store on my smartphone, it displays a full-screen ad after each stage!

(Altough my job was only to state that we do not offer customer support from third parties, I kindly try to explain that most free apps from Google Play Store show full-screen ads, and they were not related to our services. Of course he didn’t believe a thing, and after a few minutes in this, he simply said that he was going to take a screenshot of it and call again, and hung up).

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