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(I am accompanying a friend who is picking up his DNI, government issued ID, when I witness this exchange)

Man: “I’m here to pick up my DNI.”

Security Guard: “Can I see the receipt of the transaction?”

Man: “Eeeeh, sure.” *Hands paper over* “You know my wife came earlier today to pick it up but they wouldn’t give it her.”

Security Guard: “Yeah, it’s meant to be picked personally due to security reasons. Please go ahead and stand in line until you are called.”

Man: *Begins to walk over but hesitates* “But how does she know my name?”

Security Guard: *surprised, he mimics a beckoning gesture* “She will call you over, please go in line sir.”

Man: “But HOW does she know my name?”

(At this point there is no longer a line and the government worker is finishing up with the last customer.)

Security Guard: “Go stand behind the yellow line sir!”

Man: “But how does she know my name?”

(Before he can keep protesting the government worker gestures to him to come over while the guard and I are both pointing her way, he reluctantly turns around and ambles towards her. I am trying to hide a smile and the guard walks over to me.)

Security Man: “Not the brightest of the bunch is he?”