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I’m at my local tire center that’s been a part of my life since I was a kid, so I have a unique advantage as I personally know the owners and employees. Because of this I’m able to sit behind the counter and hang out, while my car is being serviced. It’s later in the afternoon and they are quite busy. Customers come and go, dropping off and picking up. This particular day I was blessed to be witness to this:
Lady customer: I need someone to check why my air pressure light is coming on. It came on the other day, but later it went off, now it’s back on.
Customer service employee: Alright, we’ll get someone to check that for you. (takes info on car/service to be performed) You probably just need some air in your tires. Do you have your keys?
Lady customer: (before she steps out to get her keys) That wouldn’t explain why the light would go off by itself.
Customer service employee: Ok, we’ll get it checked out. Just hang tight we’re pretty busy.
About 30 minutes later…
Customer service employee: Ma’am, they’re taking a look at your tires, they won’t be able to fix anything wrong today because it’s so late, but you can either leave it here or bring it back in the morning. But whatever they do or don’t find, they’ll check to make sure you have enough air in your tires and get you on your way.
Lady customer: There is enough air in my tires, they’re not flat!