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, | Unfiltered | December 27, 2020

I am working a stall that is offering free samples of fudge. A woman walks by and accepts one. She stops a couple of metres away and turns back.

Woman: Excuse me, this chocolate tastes funny.

Me: That’s because it’s fudge.

Woman: But why does it taste funny?

Me: Because it’s fudge.

Woman: But it should taste chocolatey!

Me: But, it isn’t chocolate. It’s fudge.

She looks at me like I’m speaking Portuguese, and stares at the stall.

Customer: It doesn’t even look like chocolate. What the hell is this?

Me: Fudge!

She goes into hysterics, picking up and throwing the boxes I have stacked on the stall. I crouch underneath for cover. I see two security guards running down as she finally stops. I life my head up and see her glaring at one of the boxes.

Customer: Oh, this is fudge! Why didn’t you tell me, you stupid girl!

She throws the box at my head, which makes contact, and tries to continue with her shopping. She didn’t understand when the guards started escorting her out of the store, and lied to the store manager that I had actually assaulted her and she was merely running for her life. She has since been banned, and I now refuse to work on the stalls.