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22 Times Religious Customers Went Biblical In The Store

| Right | June 6, 2020

Dear readers,

Some numbers are considered lucky. Some numbers are universally regarded as unlucky. For most of us, that extends to how we choose our lottery numbers or bets, or to how many M&Ms we eat in a session. (This editor’s lucky number is however many M&Ms are in the bag, incidentally.)

But some people take it a little further; some buildings with multiple floors skip from the twelfth straight to the fourteenth to avoid the unlucky number thirteen, and some people refuse to make a purchase that adds up to $6.66 to avoid the unlucky “mark of the Beast.”

Here is a collection of 22 stories of people who took a number from the Book of Revelations a hair too seriously.


Get Behind Me, School Supplies! – Clearly, the devil is invested in your child’s future, too!

Good Lord! Add A Tip! – Should’ve sprung for a large Coke, instead.

Devilishly Delicious – The upsized fries are definitely worth a deal with the devil.

A Price For The Devil To Pay, Part 6 – It pays (about seven bucks) to pay attention to those who’ve gone before you.

Good Lord, Donate! – Maybe the devil’s not such a bad guy after all?

On A Holy Gum Crusade – This cashier created a sticky situation.

The Devil’s Pay Book – If she hadn’t bought the keychain, the surgeon would’ve forgotten how to operate!

Buy A Bible Or You’ll Have The Devil To Pay – I think the devil’s evil schemes are backfiring…

The Unholy Receipt – At least the cashier and the customer were on the same page for once.

You’ll Have The Devil To Pay, Part 2 – Oh, deer. That’s just plain uncomfortable.

Deliver Your Pizzas Or You’ll Have The Devil To Pay – If only they’d had an order for Mr. Crowley, they could’ve kept their soul.

A New Way To Learn Fractions – Math class can often feel like Hell…

Number Of The Beastly Coincidences – This customer takes things in the other direction. Still weird.

A Price For The Devil To Pay, Part 3 – You’re cursed both coming and going!

You’ll Have The Devil To Pay – Six-hour shifts, six dollars for drinks, and six shades of crazy…

Sinfully Delicious, Part 2 – For the literal love of God, just buy a blessed cookie!

From Lucifer To Lucky – Well, that took a lucky turn!

The Devil Is In The Ridiculous Details – Whatever you have to tell your friends to get them out of the store…

Satan Needs The Nougat – Sounds like Satan’s on your side, kiddo!

Armageddon Shopping List: Holy Water, Crucifix, Tic Tac – What would possess a person to behave this way?

Just Another Day At Work – Sometimes you have to fight crazy with crazy.

Cookies Are The Devil – Here’s a story with a sweet ending to round things off.


We hope these stories gave you a laugh. Did we miss any of your favorite stories about the devil’s number? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone, and don’t let the devil get you!

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