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22 Stories To Say “May The Fourth Be With You!”

| Right | May 4, 2020

Dear readers,

It is that time of the year again when a galaxy far, far away gets a little closer. So, forget the worries of the world for a moment, prepare to jump to light-speed, and enjoy these stories from our archives that are the stories you have been looking for. And remember… Han shot first!

But Is It Fully Armed And Operational? – And while you’re at it, do you have any lifesized Death Stars?

I Find Your Lack Of T-shirts Disturbing – If you work in retail, your mind is too strong for Jedi mind tricks!

The Farce Is Strong In This One – Be proud of this youngling.

Be Glad They’re Not Going To War – When the Senate can come to an agreement.

Be Scared Of Customers You Will – Management is the real scourge of the galaxy… (see this story as a comic!)

Love A Jedi Shall Know – It was over; he had the high ground.

A Jedi Shall Not Know Love, A Sith Shall Know Even Less – Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Sally?

I Have A Good Feeling About This – Duel of the mates.

Episode 94: The Poser Menace – Get it right, or go back to Alderaan!

Most Impressionable This Padawan Is – Pure unabashed joy for this franchise.

The Course Is Strong With This One – Good luck focusing on that essay now!

A Long Time Ago In A Grocery Store Far, Far Away – Maybe she’s a Star Trek fan instead?

You Have Failed For The Last Time – HR in the Empire is very lax…

The Enkidu Strikes BackStar Wars is basically just one big epic poem.

Illogical Jedi – Hasn’t been a fan for a long time… a long time.

That’s My Name And That’s The Gospel Truth – The gospels of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie.

That’s No Paper Moon – Sure, they start all cuddly, but wait until they’re blowing up planets.

Finish His Plate In Less Than 12 Parsnips – He’d be better off sticking to blue milk.

A Long Time Ago In An Asian Country Far Far Away – I love the smell of Jawas in the morning.

Just Don’t Fail Him… – Nooooooooooo!

This Wedding Is Not A Clone Of Others – When the kiddie table is the cool table!

Talking At-At Cross Purposes – Your knowledge armor is too strong.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of some of our classic stories (trust me, there are A LOT!) If you think we should have included any more, let us know in the comments! Got your own story to share, either here on Earth or in the outer rim? We’d love to hear it!

Stay safe, and may the fourth be with you!