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22 Cyber-Crazy Stories About Shopping Online

| Right | November 30, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Cyber Monday! It’s just like Black Friday, except the customers are all online – but they can still get to you… Whether you’re working for a call center for a huge online store or just decided to sell something on eBay, you’re still dealing with customers. Just because they’re online, it doesn’t mean they’re not as entitled, stupid, or angry as the sad examples you’d find in a brick & mortar store.

We’ve rounded up 22 crazy stories about online shoppers for Cyber Monday! We hope this gives you a break from all the online bargain hunting!


Between The Teen Computer Screen – This reminds me of the old days of Neopets and Club Penguin.

From USB Port To Teleport – Maybe we could email you the plans to 3D print one?

I Hope You’re Pool-ing My Leg – That will make those trick shots even tricker.

Are We Human, Or Are We Answers – That sounds exactly like what a computer would say.

Way To Burst Her Bubble – Someone’s got too many bubbles in their brain.

Soft-Selling – Even Craigslist is too complex for some people.

Out Of State, Out Of Mind, Part 2 – Gerrymandering is really getting out of control.

A False Scent – Oh, come on. We all know nobody is stupid enough to fall for that!

Do Not Act Honorably – Hits from the comments: “I can give you a free eye-roll.”

Just Let Me Float This Idea Past You – Physics class just floated right over her head.

Jon Snow Ordering Online – Do you know anything, dude?

A-Salt-ed By Stupidity – I work here, and even I find this level of stupidity shocking.

A Free Piece Of Advice – God gave you a free brain; you should consider using it.

Failed In The Delivery – Once again, these people are far nicer than I am.

Asking Laboriously – Some things just can’t be rushed.

Littered With Demands – Some people get really catty when they don’t get what they want.

New Lengths Of Stupidity – Uh… what units would be helpful here?

Understanding The Code Of Good Customers – Better late than never!

Will Wait For The Movie – I think something’s getting lost in translation.

A Large Number Of Number Calls – And these people plan to replace their own car parts?

The Motor’s Blown And So Is This Deal – Hits from the comments: “That guy sounded cranky. He needs to calm down or he’ll blow a gasket.”

Five Reasons To Say No – This customer gets zero stars out of five.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about the woes of online shopping! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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