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I am covering for someone on the deli today. This deli has a seating area outside which connects with a cafe. We take all of our customers rubbish/leftovers, so the area is more maintained throughout the day. As I have never been on the deli before, I have been given the task of taking orders and working the register. Coworker, who is a regular on the deli, is giving me a quickie induction.

Coworker: Oh, and one last thing. If a customer asks if they can have another customers leftovers, politely refuse.

Me: Do people actually ask that?

Coworker: Yes. I can’t imagine it’s legal due to health standards, but regardless, it’s store policy. Everything goes in the bin the second we get it.

I start my shift and a customer comes up.

Customer 1: Do you mind getting rid of this, please? My son threw it on the floor and I can’t find a bin.

I take the sandwich and throw in the bin behind the counter. Another customer appears and I ask if she would like anything. She stays silent and watches the mother until she disappears out of view.

Customer 2: That woman gave you a sandwich, can I have it?

Me: *shocked* No, I’m afraid not. I’m not allowed to resell food that’s been partially eaten. Also it has been thrown on the floor.

Customer 2: I’ll pay you double for it.

Me: You would pay double for a half eaten sandwich that’s been on the floor?

Customer 2: Is that a no?

I convinced her to get a new sandwich and I spoke to Coworker as he prepared it.

Coworker: *laughing* I told you! Some of the people around here are freaks!

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