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I work at a small town pool as a lifeguard, as in we don’t get too many people that we don’t know.

(We are open 1-8 and have 10 minute breaks on the 50 for the lifeguards. It’s the last hour that we have to sit and we are all tired and hot. A lady and her 3 granddaughters show up at 6:45)

Coworker #1: *blows his whistle at 6:50 and tells the kids to get out of the water

(5 minutes later)

Lady: Why does there have to be a break?

Manager: Well the life guards need a break from the sun

Lady: But we just got here 5 minutes ago!

Manger: The break is for the lifeguards, who have been here all day.

Lady: That is ridiculous! We just got here we don’t need a break, and you guys aren’t doing any thing! (Yelling at us by this point) You should make an exception! (She huffs off to her chair)

( Things go smoothly until we yell closing at the end of the day. The lady continued to talk until 20 minutes after we were closed, but us having this as our first job we’re afraid to confront her. I finally go up to her and tell her and her granddaughters to leave, but as there leaving one of them spills their drink all over the pool deck then neglects to even tell one of the guards, who then have to stay extra long to clean up the mess)

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