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Sorry this is a long one; this isn’t even half her crazy but I need to rant.
An older woman walks into the restaurant that I am a hostess at and tells me that she picked up a take out order about 3 hours ago, but thinks that she left her grocery bag (from another store) in the restaurant. I tell her that no one has seen such a bag and she leaves.
A few minites later, she returns, saying that she had gone to the other stores in the plaza and they did not have it either and asked to talk to the manager to confirm that we didn’t have the bag.
When the manager agrees, the woman leaves again, seeming a bit exasperated by the loss of her bag but as customers came in I lost track of her reaction.
Half an hour later, she walks back in, sees me and shouts, ” I dont want to talk to you, you’re too stupid to help me!” and proceeds to yell that she wants to talk to the owner. She shouts and raves to our manager (our incompetent owner wasn’t in) and then threatens to warn people about our dishonesty and refusal to help costumers. I am very confused at this point but quickly realize she is still talking about her missing groceries, claimong we were hidong them from her and didn’t want to give it back. When the manager tells us all to just mind our own business in hopes that the woman would calm down, she proceeds to go around to each table telling then that “this isn’t the first time this has happened” as my manager informs us that she has never been seen in the restaurant before today. She finally quiets down after we call the police and sits besides a man waiting for his take out order. She asks me to give her some business cards to pass out to her neighbors and warn them and, pissed, I gesture to some and tell her to take them herself, I wasn’t going to help her. She proceeds to tell me that she knew it wasn’t my fault and that I shouldn’t be mad at her (remember she called me too stupid to help) and tried to sweet talk me but stopped when I kept ignoring her. The police finally arrive, and she has the audacity to claim that we, a restaurant owned, managed, and run by almost entirely Asians, including me, were discriminating her because she was Asian, telling the Caucasian officers that they wouldn’t understand. She then claims that the manager refused to ever talk to her, that she only wanted to make us see the error of our ways and that she didn’t even want her stuff anymore, that the owner was a coward and hiding ( we told her he wasn’t in), and also that that she had never gotten her takeout order (from 4 hours ago). As I had the most interactions with her and my manager’s English was poor, I told the officers what happened and we had video evidence, and the police realized she was lying. 1 1/2 hours after she came in the first time for her bag, the police finally escorted her out much to the relief of the staff and patrons.

Side story about the man waiting for take out: I ended up personally packing his order and passed it to the manager to take care of payment. He pays but doesn’t leave. I ask him if needs something and he replies that he was waiting for his order. I was confused as I had seen the order go out to him but the only other person there was the crazy lady and I didn’t want to get involved in case she had taken it so we made another order for him.

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