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(My company services hundreds of facilities, and my position provides tech support for several applications, but it’s a small fraction of what the company provides. I have not been with the company long and am still training. When clients call us, they listen to a menu with about 10 primary categories, with anywhere between 2-12 sub categories for each of those… and even some of the sub categories have additional options under them. It’s easy to get confused, but we have a website everything can be accessed from and the menu options are listed with each item for easy navigation. Still, this occasionally happens…)

Me: “[Department], you’ve reached [My Name]. How can I help you today?”

Client: “You have too many options so I just pushed some buttons. I hope you can help me.”

Me: “If not, I’m certain I can at least get you to someone who can. What’s going on?”

Client: “Well, I’m having trouble getting into [product I do not support] which I need to finish some things in [another product I do not support] but it keeps giving me an error of [collection of numbers and letters for an error I haven’t heard of]. So, how can you fix this?”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry, but that isn’t something I support or have access to. But, give me just a moment and I’ll find exactly who you need.”

(As I’m talking I have already pulled up the website to show me where she needs to go, so there is less than a 10 second pause while I scroll through the list. Fortunately, the one she needs help with is right at the top.)

Me: “Here we are. Just another moment here and I’ll have you connected right over so that we can take care of that error for you. If you need them in the future, the option is 1, and then 3.”

Client: “Oh, okay.” (In background to, I assume, a co-worker) “Can you believe it? She had to look it up. She should know it already.”

(I sent her off quick as I could, a bit confused how she thinks we have far too many options, yet expects me to memorize every single one of them.)

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