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(This happened to my husband, back before we were married, when he was a ripe young 18-year-old cashier at a grocery store. According to him, this was not the only time it’d happened. . .)
Customer: *after all items have been scanned and the total has been given* Here. *drops a BAG OF CHANGE on the counter*
Husband: . . . . *now has to count out their total for them*
Customer: OH, but don’t use the quarters if you don’t have to!
(This usually happened on orders of $15 or less, but it’s still aggravating beyond measure that he not only had to count their change, but exclude the quarters in favor of pennies. What’s truly bizarre is that this happened in Scottsdale, where most everyone was upper middle class and had the snobbery to prove it. . .yet they were paying with loose change. Not to mention we had a Coin Star machine in the building.)

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