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(I work at a trampoline park and we have capacity limits on how many tickets we can sell for any given session. When we’re sold out we post the signs on the door, on our availability sign in our lobby, and in front of the register when our next available session is)
Customer: *Stops at the door and reads the sign*
Customer: *walks in and reads the availability board*
Customer: *bypasses the line and goes to my register where I’m finishing up helping a customer*
Customer: “What does Sold Out mean?”
Me: “That we don’t have tickets until [next session]”
Customer: ” So is it true you’re sold out?”
Me: “yes”
Customer: *starts throwing a fit because his 5 year old can’t jump for another hour* well you have to tell him he can’t jump.
Me: ok, sorry we are too full right now for you to jump. You can wait until [next session] to start
Customer: How dare you talk to my child that way! We are never bringing our business here *storms off*

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