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In our store, dollar off coupons always come off before percent off ones. So if you do a post-sale transaction with a dollar off after you had used a percent off coupon, it will affect how much you get back. The math is all laid out on the receipt and the computer figures it out automatically.
Customer: Hi, I forgot to use this $17 coupon.
Me: Okay, I can do a post-sale on the receipt but just so you know, because you had a percent off, it will affect how much you are credited back.
Customer: Okay.
Due to the other coupon she had previously, she would get back $14.45.
Customer: That isn’t correct.
Me: It’s because the percent off coupon has changed. If you would’ve rang this up during the transaction this would’ve equaled out to this price now.
She leaves and comes back still upset with the math. I void out the post-sale, do a return and go to repurchase the item taking her step by step through the math.
Me: Okay, the shirt is $29.99. When I take $17 off it makes it 12.99. After that I take 15% off which takes the total to $11.04. You had originally purchased it for $25.49 and when I credited back the $14.45 you would’ve ended up only paying $11.04 which is what we are going to do now.
Customer: No that’s wrong. I don’t like that math. I’m calling corporate. They’ll fix it. It should be cheaper.
I was with her for 30 minutes trying to talk her through this.

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