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The designer who makes all of our couches and most of our seating is having a world-wide summer sale. They sent us huge posters that very clearly say “[Brand] Summer Sale- couches, ottomans, seating!” . We have made our own sandwich board sign that says “SUMMER SALE on [Brand] items only!”. All day yesterday I had confused people coming in…

Customer #1: I don’t understand, what is the sale on?
Me: All of our couches and most chairs, which are marked with a [Brand] tag, and anything from [Brand] catalogue here is 20% off.
Customer #1: So these plates aren’t part of the sale?
Me: The sale is only on [Brand] furniture items.
Customer #1: Oh. nevermind then I guess.

Customer #2: Is everything on sale?
Me: Only [Brand] Funriture items are on sale.
Customer #2: Oh. Your signs are very misleading.

Customer #3: Just these thanks! *Places roughly $300 worth of glassware on the counter*
Me: Great! That will be $300!
Customer #3: You forgot to take the 20% off.
Me: Oh, these are not part of the [Brand] sale. That is for [Brand] items only.
Customer #3: OH!. Really? Which items are [Brand] items?
Me: All of our couches, and most of our chairs are by [Brand].
Customer #3: Oh. So just furniture. Nevermind then.

Customer #4: What’s this big sale I keep seeing signs for? What’s on sale? Are you going out of business?

That’s just a sample.