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(I’m working on a register, at the front there are 4 registers, 3 for the main checkout and one in the photo area next to the main checkout, i’m currently at the third register and a customer comes up to the first register and puts his items down, thinking he didn’t notice me i motion for him to come to the register i’m at. Note: We sign in to the registers and are told to stay on one register during our shift and to not move.)
Customer: Come over here
Me: I’m sorry sir but can you come over to the register I’m currently at
Customer: No i put my stuff here, are you not going to move over here?
Me: I’m sorry sir but i’m not supposed to move registers.
Customer: Get the hell over here and check me out
(A Coworker soon comes up and goes and checks the guy out and leaving he flips the bird at me)