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(A customer comes into the store with an ipad in a keyboard case. She opens the case to show me three scuffs on the screen)

Customer: I bought this ipad in March and there’s something wrong with the screen.

(I take a closer look, and rub the marks to see if it’s gunk or something that can come off. I see that they are scratches)

Me: yes, your screen is scratched.

Customer: No, I didn’t scratch it.

Me: Well you probably didn’t do it on purpose, but those are —

Customer: THEY’RE NOT SCRATCHES! I’m very careful! And I have a case!

Me: Maybe something got inside? Got between the screen and the keyboard?

Customer: NOTHING GOT INSIDE THE CASE! Something is growing on my screen, and at this rate, my screen will be covered in them!

(I stay quiet for a good minute, baffled at how to respond.)

Me: Um, well, the screen isn’t… um, morphing or anything.

(My coworker comes over with a cloth and starts wiping at it)

Coworker: Yeah, you’ve got a scratched screen.


Coworker: I don’t know what to tell you, except that it’s scratched. You could call Apple and see if it’s covered under their warranty, but they don’t fix physical damage for free unless you paid extra for Apple Care.


(My coworker ended up getting them to leave by telling them that maybe an actual Apple Store might be able to help them and give them a second opinion. I wish I was there to hear them tell her that her screen was scratched)

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