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Chip readers are becoming more and more common, and while most of the stores in our plaza have had their POS terminals updated with chip technology, our corporate has yet to update our systems. A girl who looks to be about 16 comes in with her mother. Everything is fine until it comes time to pay.

Me: we don’t have the chip reader yet, so just select credit or debit and then go ahead and swipe your card.
Girl: *inserts card* it’s not doing anything.
Me: we don’t have the chip reader. You need to swipe your card.
Girl: UGH!! Why isn’t it doing anything?!?
Mother: for crying out loud, (name)! What did she say? SWIPE your card.
Mother (to me): I’m so sorry. She’s had this card for a week; apparently we’re still learning how to use it and how to follow instructions.
Me: it’s not a problem. *I see the girl still has her card inserted in the machine.* You can go ahead and take your card out. You’ll just need to –
Girl: did it go through??
Mother: no. It didn’t. You need to LISTEN to the cashier because lord knows she doesn’t get paid enough for this. Take your card OUT and SWIPE it!
Girl: okay well I’ve literally never heard of that, soooo…
(The girl’s mother takes the card from her and swipes it herself.)
Mother (to me): I’m so sorry about that. We’re learning…
(I give them their receipt, and they leave. The mother comes back in a couple minutes later. She hands me a $10 bill.)
Mother: listen, I’ve worked retail. I know what it’s like, and I know you don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with the people you deal with, and I know this isn’t much, but I hope it makes your day at least a little better!