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I used to work at a Sub shop in town, one of three here. You should know which chain has our spokesperson was in the News. I was on register and my shift manager was helping a customer. A older man comes in and approaches the register. I greeted him like any other customer and ask if he needed anything. Now usually when a customer makes a beeline for the checkout, it’s usually because they need info or just a drink or cookies. And usually customers catch on that they’re at the wrong end of the line to properly place an order.

Customer: Can I get a ham sandwich?

Me: Absolutely, we’ll get you started right over here.

I motioned towards my Manager already serving a customer. But the man pointed to the sign above the register.

Customer: But it says Pre-Order!

Me: That’s for call in or online orders or if you order though our APP. We’ll get you started over here.

I point to the sign on the other end of the line, the start of the line with a sister sign that reads “Order Here”.

Customer: You know what nevermind!

The man stormed out of the store leaving me befuddled has to what just happened. Did he just throw a temper tantrum because I asked him to get in line?

Manager: Don’t worry about it, you did nothing wrong.

I was still trying to process the situation has a old man with a long greying beard acted like, that. Still bothering to this day and I don’t even work there anymore.

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