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, | Unfiltered | December 23, 2020

(My store has a row of tills facing a shelf of merchandise, so it’s sometimes hard to tell who is in the queue vs who is just browsing or talking, especially when it’s busy. Today is very busy, and my till has just opened.)

Me: My till is free! *pause; there’s obviously a massive queue, but nobody seems to be paying attention* *louder* My till is free!

Three Girls, around 12 years old: *arrive at my till with a few items each in hand*

Grumpy Customer: *arrives at the till next to mine* *aggressively, to me* Just so you know, you’re meant to call people from the queue, not call people standing outside of the queue!

Me: *thinking – why didn’t you come when I called the first time, then?* Sorry, sir, when it’s crowded like this I can’t always tell-

Grumpy Customer: Oh, you can’t tell who’s in The Queue!?

Girls: Leave her alone! She’s short, she can’t see!

Grumpy Customer: Mind you’re own business! Why don’t you fuck off, you little girls?

Me: *loudly, with as much ice as I can manage* WOW.

Grumpy Customer: *leaves without another word to anyone*

(I will never say another word against 12-year-old girls again.)