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(Disclaimer: I will admit to being the bad customer in this story. Normally, despite going to tech support only have I exhausted all obvious solutions (rebooting, clear cache, etc), I do not have problem sitting through the typical tech support script. It is only when I have to email customer service and go over exactly what I did that I get a little tarse. Here are a couple examples.

After trying to download a software for a digital camera:)

Me: Hi, I have downloaded [Product #1] for [Camera]. I am using a Windows 10 browser, not usually connected to the Internet so I used an Ethernet cable. I selected the Windows 64-bit. This is a company computer. It didn’t work so I uninstalled it and reinstalled any helpful tips?

Rep #1: *30 minutes later* Hello. Unfortunately, you need Internet to download our product. Please connect to the Internet and try again.

(Note: It takes 30 minutes to uninstall and then 30 minutes to install this program, but I try it again anyway.)

Me: Alright. As I said, it is hooked up to the Internet. I will try again.

Me: *an hour later* Hello, I am afraid it didn’t work. Any other tips?

Rep #1: *12 hours later* Try downloading the 64-bit [Program #1]. *links same product*

Me: *after repeating the process with the “new” download link* I am afraid it still doesn’t work. Can you please go through the steps on how to download it. Perhaps I am missing something.

(Radio silence for 3 days, so I send another support ticket listing out what I have done and that I had talked to someone, but I think my support ticket was closed prematurely. Twenty-four hours later….)

Rep #1: *in email 2* Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program?

Rep #1: *in email 1* Please fill out this customer service survey!

Me: *fills out survey with email thread and poor service scores* Time to find a new camera.

(Example #2: Trying to buy tickets from a well-known company:)

Me: Hello, I am trying to create an account, but I am unable to input my Country into the appropriate field. I have tried [Browser #1], [Browser #2], [Browser #3], and [Browser #4] on two different devices. One runs Windows 8.1 and the other Windows 10. I believe it might be an issue with your website if you want to send someone to check it out pronto.

Rep #2: *in same email* Hello [My Name]. Have you tried clearing your cache? If that doesn’t work try a different device or a different browser. We work best on [Browser #3] or [Browser #4]. If that doesn’t work, send me your full address and I can take care of it. Please fill out this survey below!

Me: NOPE! *gets my coat on to go buy the tickets in person*

(Yes I did reply with that single word. No way I was going to give my address to someone who isn’t even paid to read my support ticket.)